Thursday, December 16, 2004

another night of Friends

I spent a night at my apartment watching --- what else? --- Friends.

I left work late last night, and surprisingly had nothing to do. I planned to get some stuff, go over to Jason's and spend the night at Starbux, hanging (i never got to do that anymore). But, after making myself dinner and cleaning up my space in the room, i found myself plugging in the dvds of the sitcom into our player. What did that get me? four hours of non-stop watching, of my ass glued to the sofa while doing absolutely nothing.


I really should think of more things to occupy my time. I am being sucked into the hypnotic glow of the screen, rendering my other senses completely useless while doing so.

+ + +

More of Da King

Just what is it with this recent passing? I can't help but be cynical over the whole hullabaloo --- Piercing pens gives a compilation of some interesting reactions (including mine, haha).

Of course, my fave was sassy lawyer's comment :-)

+ + +

I miss Jason. (again, my daily rant)

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